Take Advantage of the Exit

ExitIntentAdNetwork introduces the next generation exit intent ads. Use the most premium placement, make sure that visitors actually see and engage with your ad to maximize your ROI.

How Exit Bee Feature -

Pros for Advertisers

Full Page Exit Intent ad

High engagement and conversion rates

Just like with pop-ups, with the Full Website Exit Intent ad type, your website will pop over any time someone tries to exit a site. Less intrusive and 89% more effective than pop ads.

0% Fraudulent Traffic

No gimmicks.

Our technology works by moving mouse over to the exit button. This makes sure that every ad view is shown to real people and guarantees only high quality traffic to your website.

0% Fraudulent Traffic

Pros for Publishers

Up to $10 CPM

Incredibly high CPM rates

Due to strong performance, our advertisers are willing to pay premium prices (up to $10 CPM) to show their ads on your website. Maximize your ROI overnight.

99% CTR

Unbeatable click through rate

Imagine having 99% click through rate on your ads. Now it's possible by displaying exit intent ads. Any time a user tries to exit your site, you get paid. Every exit ad view will make you money.

Powerful Platform & For both Advertisers & Publishers

Advertise your business and grow your audience!
What about Publishers? We are here to monetize your exit traffic!

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